Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's been just about 1 year since my book proposal was accepted. It has been a busy year but now I can say I am done!!!! Yay!!!! I packed up a box to send to the publisher tomorrow.  It includes:
1. flash drive with files for:

  • manuscript
  • footnotes
  • marketing survery
  • new book description
  • design notes

2. Four CDs with 250+ photos on them (they are BIG files)
3. hard copies of above said flash drive files
4. copies of release forms for items I borrowed
5. the author's checklist-because you really need a check list with all that required stuff!
To celebrate I paid my bills and cleaned the basement.  I know its not really done, because there will be many editorial issues to deal with in the coming months, but for now I am happy and breathing a lot easier.
My son took some author photos of me.  How about this one?
 How I felt formatting the footnotes.
Rock and Roll the reading glasses


  1. Love your portraits! Congratulations and I look forward to the day I have my own copy that was signed by the author.

  2. That is wonderful! And I'm sure very satisfying to have it finished!

  3. Ahhhh----sweet relief, no doubt! Your pretty smile in that last picture shows it! Now, for a few days, take a well earned break! ---"Love"

  4. Mazeltov! Can't wait to see it!

  5. Great! Congratulations! I'm sure you must feel really happy to be at this point, what will you do to celebrate? It's pretty cool you can add author to your resume.

  6. What an accomplishment! No wonder you are smiling. I will be eager to see it!

  7. You must feel great getting it all done, coming to your neck of the woods in September, is there anything we need to look for regarding quilting, antiques......?

  8. What a wonderful achievement! Love the photos - my pick is the one with tongue sticking out.

  9. I don't know how you managed all that you do, but I am excited that the book is closer to being done and published. Congrats! Hopefully you will have a bit of 'breathing' room for a while.

  10. Congratulations! That's a lot of work. I had an idea once for a quilting book but now...not going to happen and it will always just be an idea! You are one amazing lady. Love the pics too!

  11. Yay! Congratulations!! That is quite an accomplishment. Lovely photo too:)

  12. Hey, you changed your hairstyle! Congratulations!


  13. A big congrats to you Ann!! I love your hair cut. It looks so cute on you. Hugs, Lori

  14. LOL Love the "author photos." Just picturing #! on the back cover of the book. Hilarious! Congrats on a job well done. Can't wait to see your book in print!
    Mona R.

  15. Congratulations Ann! You look great, love the Happy photo! Cute haircut too!!!


  16. You are to be commended. It takes great perseverance and dedication to accomplish so monumental a task. We're all looking forward to seeing it in print!