Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can you ever have too many half square triangles?

I don't think so!  Here is some progress on a little quilt I am working on.  It is being inspired by an antique quilt top fragment.  I am using hsts for the pinwheels, of course, but also for the flying geese.  Is it cheating?  I don't care!  It sure is easy.
Antique fragment
 Antique fragment on the left, rough draft of my version on the right.

 Another hst project on the left and leftovers on the right, which will be turned into a little quilt, too.

I listed a few items on etsy this morning, including two of my little quilts made from antique fabrics and a primitive rag doll that I purchased a few years ago.  She needs a new home.


  1. The answer is "NO." I love the little quilt you are reproducing! The fabrics are so cute! And as for flying geese, if it is cheating, so what!

  2. You have an impressive collection of old fabics - love your little quilts.
    HSTs - more is always better!

  3. So enjoy your posts. Am wondering if there are blogs that you follow?

  4. Well.......I'm wondering if I have too many HST's from all those circles from the church quilt! I'm tired of working with those tiny things! But your cute little quilt here have inspired me again; I really hadn't considered flying geese, but I'll check that out soon. I never considered being a scrappy quilter until just a short while back, but I'm beginning to like it --- a little bit more! *wink* ---"Love"

  5. You can never have too many HST's. They are so versitile! I love your little quilt, it will be so cute!

  6. No, I don't think you can have too many hst's either. BUT, I do think you can get really sick of making them.

  7. I use HST's for flying geese all the time! Less fabric waste. Love the little quilts!