Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hanging Little Quilts, link to previous post and updated information

Some time ago, I posted a blog on hanging small quilts on vintage yardsticks using little clips.  The idea came from my 2011 trip to Temecula Quilt Co. where they were using their advertising yard sticks to display little quilts. Around the same time there was a spread in Flea Market Finds magazine showing lots of things that could be done with vintage rulers and yardsticks. I added the idea of using the small clips to hang the quilts on the yardsticks and the details were shown in my post here.

I get requests often for the details and where to buy the clips.  I had found clips from the Ackfeld Wire Co. One disadvantage was that the clips had tiny teeth, which caused me some concern, especially with vintage quilts, so I inquired and found that Ackfeld also carries clips without teeth, though they are not listed in their catalog.  I ordered some for comparison. 
The original clips with teeth are shown on the left.  As you can see, the new toothless clips on the right, have a different look and are longer.

NEW CLIP (85 cents each)

ORIGINAL CLIP (75 cents each)

I like the size of the original  clip, but the lack of teeth on the newer clip.  You can decide what you like better.  Does anyone have ideas for other easy ways to hang small quilts from rulers like this?


  1. One method that I use is cutting a few pieces of fabric that are about 5 inches long by maybe an 1-1/4, or so, wide. I just fold the raw edges to the inside, so it ends up looking like a strip of bias tape (which you could also use). Then I just wrap the strip over the rod, or yardstick in this case, and pin it through the back side of the quilt. I'm also wondering if a clothespin could work. That could be cute!

  2. I used pieces of 3M command strips cut down to fit the back of some clip clothes pins but I wasn't totally happy with the look. Right now I gathering rulers to use this method. I was wondering if you could glue little round magnets to the ruler and then use another magnet on the top of the quilt. It would cover the ruler a bit more, I guess I will have to do some experiementing

  3. Perhaps you could cover the teeth of your preferred clip with a tiny strip of something, such as thin self adhesive foam or fine velcro dots? (attached to the teeth only of course!)

  4. Thanks so much for replying to my letter---I am going to hang a ruler and order some clips....many thanks--the look is darling!!!

  5. Can the teeth on the first clips be bent back in some manner?

  6. I like the space between the top of the quilt and the ruler - so I'd go with the new clips ;-)
    But then some old mitten minders would be fun and colorful - weren't the 'elastic' parts colored?

  7. Maybe you could cover the teeth with some felt so they don’t dig into the quilt.