Friday, May 13, 2011

Rulers and Yardsticks aren't just for measuring anymore...

 Remember the cute yardstick boxes I got on my trip to the Temecula Quilt Co.?  While there, I also purchased a yardstick.  I didn't mention it before because I was a bit embarrassed since it cost me much more to ship the silly yardstick home than I paid for it.   I figured if I tried to carry on the plane, it would either snap in half at some point during the flight or be confiscated by the TSA.

So why did I buy the yardstick?  To copy another of Sheryl's great quilt hanging ideas, of course (remember the vintage clothes hangers?).  In the shop, she had several little quilts hanging on the wall attached to her store yardsticks.
I used metal clips with hooks from a wire hanger that I had--I have since found them for sale separately from the Ackfeld Wire Company.   The hook part hangs nicely over the yardstick; the clips hold the quilt.  To prepare the yard stick for mounting on the wall, I stuck two felt pads to the back to keep the yard stick from being flush against the wall--to have room for the hooks.  

 I nailed the yard stick to the wall, putting the nail through the yardstick and the felt pad.  It helped to tap both nails in part way before holding it in place on the wall.  Voila.  This is in a narrow hall, so hard to get a great photo, but you get the idea.
You can also tuck the corner of a quilt behind the stick.
Hang as many quilts as you want.  Do multiple tiers of yardsticks.  Use vintage rulers or yardsticks.  I have some vintage 12 inch rulers that I am going to try.
When I was grocery shopping this week I picked up the latest edition of Flea Market Style magazine and what did I find?  Lots of project ideas using vintage rulers and yardsticks.

One of the things about Temecula Quilt Co.'s yardstick, it was stained to give it a vintage look, so if you have a brand new yardstick you can stain it to age it a bit. Also, if you do a search on ebay you will find lots of vintage yardsticks and even more rulers for sale.


  1. Clever way to display your darling quilts!!!

    Carolyn :)

  2. I love this, it's new to me, and I totally will try it!!

  3. Our son lives in California, and took me to Temecula while I was visiting in February. I loved the TQC! How I missed the ruler boxes is beyond me, but I am impressed that you shipped a ruler back. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea! I think I have a couple of old yard sticks somewhere; I'll have to give that a try! (If I ever get some small projects finished!) Thanks! ---"Love"

  5. What a great idea! I love the look - and it's easy to do. Another bonus.

  6. Thanks for all the ruler info., cool. And what can you tell me about the red star quilt that was shown in your yard sale photo next to the grandmother f.g. Thanks for commenting on my antique applique

  7. Oh I like it!! Great ideas!!

  8. Ever since you shared your yardstick box I have been eyeing yardsticks in the hardware store. Now I am really going to have to hunt some down with all these great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  9. cute idea, I have a few from ladyfingers in Pa!
    now I will be on the look out for them

  10. very clever ideas!
    I have some antique advertising rulers, I'll have to look them over and use them.

  11. I have been collecting yard sticks for years. they are hard to find. Now when I find them they are upwards of $12 each. robbery! I do love the ideas to use them. Someday I am going to have multiple things made from them! Lizzie

  12. Yes, Sheryl's shop is a treasure trove of ideas. I have to confess that I have copied more than one of her ideas and used it my home. Thanks for sharing where you got the hooks.


  13. LOVE, LOVE your idea of repurposing rulers and yardsticks into mini quilt hangers!
    My question is this, what did you use to stain them with?