Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some little treasures from vacation

As we do every year, my sister-in-law and I did a little antique shopping when we were out in California.  It is harder to find the primitive items I like in California (how can you beat PA?) but I had luck finding some nice items in Agoura, CA, where there is an old strip mall that is now devoted to antique and decorating stores.  There is also a great BBQ restaurant nearby.  Yum.  I added 4 little wash boards to my small collection displayed in the laundry area.  I like the small sizes.  The smallest ones shown here are toy washboards.  The others are not toys, but smaller scale.

I also found this unusual box that was filled with sewing items.
 top view
 side view
 opens to lay flat
 side view open
Here's what was inside, a needle case, marking wheel, button hook (?), bobbin.
A brief internet search uncovered that this box was indeed a sewing related box, however it is called a puzzle box and originally held Singer sewing machine attachments.  I found some photos that showed the same box with all the machine attachments in place.  My box lacks the metal mounting brackets (but the holes remain) that held the parts in place. 


  1. Your new "old" box is very neat. It's fun to bring home a treasure from a vacation other than a glass ash tray or shot glass!

  2. OMG Ann I LOVE that little box and the goodies you found inside. What a perfect find!! Enjoy it!!


  3. what a great find, that box is beautiful.
    Ok love the washboards, I would love to have them hanging in my laundry area! how fun!
    Isn't it fun to find treasures like this on vacation, will always remind you of the vacation too.

  4. Love the washboards! I've only one in my collection so far. Yours look great! And fun puzzle box!

  5. What a cool box! Great find!


  6. Glad you found some treasures. I love the wooden box - very unique.

  7. What lucky finds! I have a couple washboards and I love old sewing items. Very interesting box!

  8. What an unusual box! I love little boxes too. My mom had a little washboard; now I'm wondering what happened to it! ---"Love"

  9. Good you found some treasures in CA. Lucky you too to be in PA for treasure hunting (and gathering).
    The wash board grouping is fabulous. Are any glass, or are they all metal within the frame?

  10. Ann -
    I love your washboards! (I have a secret stash of my own.) Also,the attachment box I am particularly fond of. I was lucky enough to have one inside the drawers of a Singer treadle machine that my husband and I purchased from his family when we first got married.

  11. The puzzle box is so awesome. The washboards are a great little collection.

  12. It's amazing that you can still find these marvellous things. ann :-)

  13. Love your collection of washboards. I only have one hanging in my laundry (they are expensive to buy in Australia) alongside a lovely peg bag a friend made.