Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy Scrappy Day

Due to the weather, for only the second time in 22 years, my work site is closed today.  Awwww, too bad, guess I will have to work on some quilts...all day.  I have been in the mood to make scrappy-antique-looking pieces the last couple days.  At some of my craft shows, people comment that putting a candle in the middle of a little quilt covers up too much of the design.  Here is my solution--use a plain center (brilliant idea, huh?), in this case a tiny brown and white "homespun" surrounded by scrappy half square triangles.  These are really big for me this time--1 1/4 inch finished size!!

Here's another one in progress. Right now it is a little smaller than the first with a different homespun center.

My other scrappy project is a little flying geese quilt.  I have enough geese done to make one quilt and enough squares and rectangles cut out to make enough geese for a second.  I haven't settled on the blue backgound yet--once the strips of geese are together I try out different colors.  The selection of fabrics for the geese was intentional to try to make it look unintentional.  Make sense?


  1. Your blog is wonderful...I'm a follower now.

  2. What a neat idea for the center of a small piece. That would also work on a table runner so the featured fabric could be on the outer two/thirds and a plain(er) fabric where a centerpiece would sit. I'll try to remember that! You always have good ideas! Enjoy your day! ---"Love"

  3. I like that idea to leave the center of the quiltlet plain. Great idea!
    I also liked that you intentionally chose your fabrics to look unintentional. Kind of how I do random placement. It's very carefully planned "random". LOL ;)

  4. Good idea! I think you managed the "intentional unintentional" colour choices very well. -Joanne

  5. I like your idea to put the pretty stuff on the edges and plain in the middle. You have some great ideas for your little quilts! Enjoy your snow day!

  6. love the flying geese, oh that blue is just beautiful.
    enjoy your snow day!
    I love the old antique quilts and you know they didn't plan it they way we (ok, ME) agonize over fabric placement today, so why can't I just always let go?
    yes "controlled" planned randomness is what I go for!

  7. I'd say your work place only being closed once in 22 years is amazing since your are in Pennsylvania. I would have thought there would be some more snow days in there somewhere.

  8. Great idea putting the "plain" fabric in the center and the piecing on the edge. The little mats look adorable. I like the geese too. One day I will get my geese to come out with heads. LOL. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  9. What a terrific way to use up small scraps from other projects. They look terrific Ann.

  10. I just want to reach out and fondle that old fabric!!! I love the feel of that stuff;) It's nice to get an unexpected break once in a while, isn't it?
    Happy Quilting!!!