Friday, February 12, 2010

What's in the cupboard? What's finished? Kathie's quilt

What's in the cupboard in the corner of the quilt lab?  See the end of the blog for the answer.

The blizzard is over and we are dug out.  It was back to work as usual yesterday.  I did manage to finish a couple little quilt tops, though.  I put together the flying geese quilt.  I photographed it with a magazine so you can get an idea of the size, and also to introduce you to the pattern that inspired Kathie's latest creation.

This is the Spring 2007 edition of Quick Quilts. 

I also finished my second candle mat but changed it up since I first posted it.  I went for a dark center fabric and turned the light part of the half square triangle towards the center.  In the first one I made, the dark side faces the center.  The finished size of these is 8 inches square.

So what's in the cupboard?  Antique quilts, of course!  This cupboard holds doll quilts, pillow cases, and other small items. 

One of the doll quilts is shown below.   Check out that Prussian blue fabric in the upper right hand corner.  This piece probably dates to ca. 1850.


  1. Your flying geese quilt is really pretty. Isn't it amazing how just turning a strip of half squares the other way can make such a difference? Do you ever wonder why someone would put such a bright blue in with those other colors? Sometimes I wonder if people did that to make it easy to spot a quilt they had made. I know legend, and perhaps fact, has it that they just ran out of fabric, but I wonder. Anyway, it is cute. I like the red dots too! ---"Love"

  2. What a wonderful post. So many things to love about the quilts and the cupboard. Thanks for all the pictures.

  3. What fantastic treasures you have in that cupboard! But considering the size of what you make, it will take two lifetimes for you to fill that up with your creations! :)

    The flying geese are fantastic and I love the doll quilt with the blue. I think Love may be on to something...or maybe we should start that something?

  4. Your little quilts are darling. I really like the flying geese, it looks great! I love it when you tell us the age of the fabrics you use. That is amazing! Your cabinet full of little guilts is really a treasure.


  5. Wow that little quilt is so pretty! I bet there are many goodies in that cabinet of yours. :) Christine

  6. love the flying geese quilt and the candle mat quilts
    ok, I want to run over and sit in front of that cabinet and have a look at everyone of them!
    aaaaahhhhh what a wonderful way to spend a morning!

  7. I'm with Kathie. The cupboard is wonderful and would love to see all the treasures inside. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a snowy afternoon. I'll bet you know exactly what's in there. I am amazed at some of the wonderful prints from so long ago. Love seeing your projects Ann. Mary

  8. The blocks that you made for candle mats are great. Oh, how I would love to look through those quilts with Kathie and Mary!

  9. I so hope we'll get to see more of what's in the cupboard! Love your little quilts!

  10. What a fantastic cupboard! I'd be tempted to have the doors open all the time. Your projects are looking so good and the dark centre works very well on that candle mat. Ann :-)

  11. You have lots of pretty treasures in that cupboard there;) Love the stuff you are doing;) I have a box of vintage fabrics, blocks and quilt tops that I collected from Ebay a few years ago. Maybe I should do something with them.
    Happy Quilting!!!

  12. I guess you are going to have a crowd around your cupboard waiting for a show and tell. Your flying geese are wonderful. I like the candle mats too.
    I enjoy your little quilts and the history of the fabric.
    Keep stitching