Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stripe reinforcements have arrived

I am continuing my work on reproducing an antique four-patch doll quilt in my collection.  The antique quilt is just loaded with striped fabrics and I had very few in my stash.  Thanks to the inventor of the internet, I was able to find several candidates without leaving the comfort of my living room.  Not all of them made the cut.

Here are the fabrics I have chosen, cut into 2 inch squares which will match the scale of the antique quilt, 3-inch four-patches.  I am also going to make a smaller scale version with 2 inch blocks.
If you remember the antique from my last post, you might be wondering why there are purple and orange fabrics included.  On close examination you can see the faded orange calico.  In person I can see that one the tan fabrics is actually a fugitive purple.

As far as the green stripe, I could not find anything in that color, but I found this blue stripe that captures the essence and scale or the original.


  1. Yes! Isn't it great to order from the internet? I recently needed some fabric for a person in the US Navy and couldn't find any locally, but found the perfect thing on Easy! I also enjoy checking to see if I have the same repro fabric as another blogger and in your case, I do have a couple (or had - not sure if I still do). I did have the blue stripe in your last picture and really like that one. Also the cheddar in the previous picture. I'm always amazed at how many different repros are available!

  2. Stripes were so popular and add so much to those antique quilts~
    Can't wait to see more doll quilts.
    Need to make some more myself next year

  3. The internet is our friend! Love shopping in my jammies. Also love stripes - I think they add so much to quilts!