Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chilling today after a busy two days at Penn Dry Goods Market

I attended and spoke at the Penn Dry Goods Market, the first annual textile event held at the Schwenkfelder Museum in Pennsburg, PA. Two days of speakers focused on both antique quilts and samplers.  In addition there was an antique show, featuring dealers who specialized in textiles.  Top it off with home soup, sandwiches and funny cake for lunch and what's not to like?  I certainly hope this becomes an annual event.

I spoke about Pennsylvania patchwork pillowcases (of course!).  I had a group of 10 textile enthusiasts and I think they enjoyed the presentation.  It is so fun and rewarding to interact with folks who share my passion. I attended a talk on PA German fraktur quilts, PA German weaving, and the showing of quilts from two private collections.  I know its not like running a marathon, but I was drained by the end!

I did not take any photos during the event, but I do have some photos to share of the treasures I found to bring home.  There was so much to look at in the antique show; many more textiles than you would usually find at a more general antique show.  I had to keep reminding myself about those TWO college tuition bills that will be coming soon!

This is a single pillowcase estimated date 1860-1880.  It is in pristine condition; I love the simplicity of the single star on the plain muslin background.

This photo shows one of a set of two cotton pillowcases and a bolster case, all inked with the name Ella Kulp, 1896, Deep Run.  Crocheted edging on all three pieces.  Deep Run is a
PA location, near Dublin, PA.  I know of Deep Run Road and Deep Run Mennonite Church.
 My new acquisition in these photos is the calico girls dress.  I am actually showing the back of it because I like the buttons.  I see this same fabric in lots of antique PA quilts.
Lastly, here is a bolster case--essentially a long pillowcase.  estimated date 1880-1900.  It looks like this could have been made with left over blocks.  I love the way the blocks are framed with a dark pink border.  This simple design would make a nice table runner; all blocks are nine-patch except for the center one.  Also note that one of the nice patches (third from the bottom) had a fabric strip added to make it fit.


  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a successful talk. One day I am going to get to hear it myself. I agree about the event. It sounds wonderful and I really hope they do it again.

  2. You brought home some beauties. I especially love the darling little calico dress.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your weekend. It would have been a real treat to listen to the talks.

  4. I would love to have been there, but we are a long way from PA at the moment. The treasures you brought home with your are great! The crochet on the pillow cases is very intricate and I love the dress!

  5. More fodder for the next book! Love what you found!