Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Upate

Well, now that my picture up-loading problem is resolved, I can wish you all a Happy New Year!  By now I have taken down the Christmas decorations except for the red and green quilts.  I am still enjoying them.
ThePennsylvania German Folk Art Show that I participated in during the month of December went well.  The new items sold like hot cakes.  The needle cases sold out on the opening night.  The stuffed star ornaments sold 20 out of the 25 I made.  I sold only one quilt;  I think people were looking for small items in this economy.  I will definitely make more needlecases and I have some new ideas for next year.
A few leftovers.
My main focus these days is working on my book.  I have completed the photography and am writing, researching, and writing some more.  It is amazing how much reading and researching I have to do just to make simple statements about, for example, the history of red applique quilts and pillowcases in Pennsylvania.  Looking into this leads to reading about red applique in Maryland and how PA and MD influenced each other.  Reading about Maryland leads to reading about Baltimore, which leads to reading about the Baltimore album quilt. 
Tomorrow there is a major auction at Pook and Pook in Downingtown, PA.  There are some fabulous quilts up for sale in this auction.  I went to the preview last weekend and will share some photos in my next blog entry.  In the meantime, I suggest you visit the Pook and Pook website and look at the online catalog.  I will not go to the auction itself, as I can't be trusted!


  1. All the red and green quilts stacked together are so pretty! Love all the little stars, too. Glad your sale went so well. The book sounds like lots of work, but in the end it will be so fun to be the author of a book!

  2. The online auction photos make all the quilts look so lovely. The photos even in the catalog are deceiving and not on purpose. Photos hardly ever do quilts justice. The condition of many of the quilts in the auction was surprising for me.

  3. Love the little stars! Who'd have ever thought just a stack of pretty red/green quilts could be so special? What beauties! ---"Love"

  4. So pleased to read that your items sold so well. Your book sounds more interesting with each post and you must be discovering things along the way. Good luck with your wish list at the auction!

  5. Waiting (im)patiently for your book. Love those stars!


  6. The book is sounding great. I will be patient. (;) )
    Glad your salwe went well. Beautiful reds and greens.