Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sewing Stars

I wanted to make some star-shaped Christmas ornaments reminiscient of antique PA pincushions I had seen.  Here is an example of an Amish pincusion at The Cat Lady Antiques website:

Another example is on the Stonecroft Antiques website.  This shape pincushion reminds me of a sea creature.

And here is the queen of the star-like pin cushions, an antique mariner's compass star pincushion:

I remembered also seeing a tutorial on how to to make a star pincushion done by Heirlooms by Ashton House blogger Kimber, here: 

I made a smaller scale version and instead of using a template to cut my diamonds, I cut 1.5 inch strips, cut the end off at a 45 degree angle and then made 1.5 inch slices along the strip to form the diamond shapes.  I pressed the antique and vintage fabrics that I use with spray starch before cutting; the stiffness really  helped when with cutting and sewing the diamonds together.  I stuffed the stars with polyester batting; it fluffs out nicely vs. cotton which I find get compacted and  looks lumpy.  A  button in the center and a perle cotton string hanger finishes off the ornament.    Beside the traditional red and green, I think the blue and white with a vintage glass button in the center is my favorite combination.  Looks very wintery/icy/snowy.
Finshed ornament measures 5 inches from point to point.


  1. These are great!! I love the antique pin cushions. One can never have enough...

  2. Those are so pretty! They will look great hung on the Christmas tree!

  3. Oh I love these - how clever of you! I think the red and yellow are my favourite :) but I love them all...
    Great tutorial isn't it? thanks
    Every Stitch

  4. Very pretty! Something different!


  5. Quite an interesting study from the past in all those links. Your little stars are very pretty! ---"Love"