Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Show

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in SE Pennsylvania and I spent it outside at festival/craft show in Sellersville.  Here are some shots of the historic buildings at the homestead.

I would like to be able to say sales were brisk at this,  my last,  show...but let's just say, I went out with a whimper...but my display looked good, if I do say so myself :)

Today my husband and I are going on a little antiquing adventure to Adamstown.  I will use my profits from the craft show to buy a gallon of gas.


  1. Oh, that house is to die for; thank you for showing. Your display is so beautiful, Ann; it's so hard to do these craft shows and have low sales when what you're offering is gorgeous!

  2. Your display is terrific, and what a beautiful place for the sale! I hate for you to spend all your profit at one place--the gas tank! :( Think on the bright side: how pretty all those nice pieces will look in your home! People just have no idea what they missed out on! ---"Love"

  3. Your display looks fabulous - Love the runner, and the pink, and...
    Enjoy Adamstown - I love that place!

  4. Your display looks way better than good! So sorry that the last show was a wimper. Maybe that will help when you are missing doing shows?
    Have fun. Looking forward to the book. :)

  5. Hi ann
    Sorry you didn't go out with a Bang but maybe it's just confimring that it's time to move on to other things. I wish I would have remembered this, I would have loved to come. You had a beautiful day for it and your stand looks awesome!! We were actually going to go to Shupp's Grove today but never got there. Great minds think alike!!!!


  6. I love your display!! I can sympathize with you, because we do craft shows also and we have had some very bad ones. But we must be gluttons for punishment, because we continue to do them - not too many though. Have fun on your excursion!

  7. Love your pictures, what a gorgeous day! Too bad people missed out on all your wonderful little treasues. Your display looks great. Now, on to the book!

  8. Hmm, yes, I ran into this, too! All that beautiful work and no one wants to pay what it's worth. Chin up! Pack it away and once your book comes out, people will start asking if you have anything for sale! (You still have me on your book list, right?)


  9. Your booth looks great to me too! Craft shows seem like such hard work! Don't think I could do it.