Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lewisburg Trip 2012 - Day 1

Last year about this time, my husband and I visited the quaint town of Lewisburg, PA. We had come primarily to visit the Packwood House Museum, known for a wonderful quilt collection. The quilts were displayed throughout the house/museum at that time.  I posted photos on my blog.  We went back this year, because the Packwood House has a special quilt exhibit with quilts on display in a gallery setting as well as throughout the house.

On the way to Lewisburg, we stopped in Annville, PA. We first discovered this town on a college visit with my sons a few months ago. Besides the wonderful name, Annville has a large antique center with a tasty cafe on the premises.

 It is a fun place to poke around, though pre-1920s textiles were not to be found... but if you like vintage glass and collectibles, this is the place for you.
SOOO much glass in the was everywhere.
Anybody need a new iron?

I did find a ca. 1960-70 cheaters cloth doll quilt for $8; I couldn't resist. The backing fabric reminded me of my brothers' pajamas from the 1960's.

Next stop was Lewisburg and two antique stores we remembered from last year. Silver moon Antiques and Lewisburg Antique Mall.

Again, not much in the way of quilts and textiles.  I did find this interesting milk bottle.  It says Individual Milk Dealers Association, Philadelphia PA, Tuberculin Tested.  Good to know I suppose.
After a hard day of antiquing, we stopped for a treat.  Lickety Split serves Penn State Creamery ice cream.  I hope my ice cream was tuberculin tested.

Stayed tuned to the next installment to hear about the Packwood House quilts and a small give away from the museum, since most of you are too far away to attend.


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  2. Sounds like a fun trip! I never saw a piece of glass I didn't want! I have a clear glass platter exactly like that pink one! The cheater cloth is cute too! I guess the milk bottle is from before the days of pasturization maybe? ---"Love"

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time treasure hunting. I am looking forward to reading about the Packwood House quilts.

  4. Nothing better than a day out looking for treasures (and finding your brother's PJs!).

  5. Sounds like you had a fun trip. I hope to get to The Packwood House sometime this summer for their show. They are also having a Quilt Weekend, that sounds interesting.
    Have a great day!

  6. I enoyed my trip to Lewisburg (Antique shops and Packwood House) thanks to your post last year. We spent hours in the Mill and at Packwood. One of the best docents ever gave us a tour.
    I think I have a calendar from them and maybe a small book - beautiful quilts. Lucky you to be there in person and see the gallery filled with quilts!!

  7. Hi Ann,

    Looks as though you had a delightful trip!!! Love the cheaters cloth, great find.

    :) Carolyn

  8. I love the Packwood House, and am headed there this week. Glad to hear there's a special exhibit on.

  9. Looks like a great treasure hunting trip. I love vintage glassware. Lucky for me I do not have room for it. And I don't need to add any more collections. LOL

  10. The fabric in the small quilt very closely resembles fabric that my mother used to cover old comforters that belonged to her mother. In northern Iowa comforters are thick wool batting covered with fabric and tied with wool yarn.
    My grandmother died in 1952. Recovering the comforters was completed sometime the following year. Your little quilt may have been created earlier.
    Phyllis in Iowa

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