Monday, December 5, 2011

Having a great time...decorating

This past weekend I pulled out the Christmas decorations and had a great time arranging and rearranging.

 Living room.  Rug by Joanne,
 My new doll bed, which I love, decked out in antique linens with redwork accents.   (for info on the bed, see Kathy's blog, A Sentimental Quilter)

 Another doll bed, with doll pillow, apron and bonnet.

 Front hallway, rug by Annie Hayes,  Pinkeep by Lori
 Living room.
 Quilt lab.  Angel by Barbara Stein.
 Carolina Lily quilt in the living room.  Check out the fantastic quilting.  Dates to ca. 1850.

Quilt top fragment, makes a nice wall hanging in this spot.

 Crib quilt, ca. 1850, hanging in the quilt lab.

 Ooh, look at those turkey reds.


  1. Great photos and love those antique quilts!

  2. It's just gorgeous Ann. What a fabulous collection of items to make your home so welcoming. ann :-)

  3. All those are wonderful, but that Carolina Lily is exquisite! I love that Santa in the rocking chair too. I'm getting there with my decorations, but it's a slow go! ---"Love"

  4. Your decorations are wonderful. I haven't even started yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. I so enjoy your photos. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs

  6. Such beautifully crafted decorations, these are the type of things that make a house a home.

  7. Beautiful display Ann! I LOVE that Best Friends rug. Amazing hooking!


  8. Where to begin? It is all so lovely and unique.
    My favorite is the Carolina Lily, which is just amazing in every way. The colors, the workmanship, and the quilting.
    My quilts are out, but not the rest yet.

  9. Ann,
    Oh my, your displays are wonderful! Love the rug Joanne made next to your sampler. They really compliment each other. And that cat rug is to die for! Your little beds with antique assesories are so nicely displayed so as to see each little treasure. And your large quilts, well, you have some truly beautiful examples. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lori

  10. Gorgeous decorations . Love your Carolina lily.

  11. Oh, my, looks wonderful! What a clever way to display a fragment of a top!

  12. Beautiful! I'd like one of each...
    So glad you shared ;-)

  13. I love your decorations! Especially the doll beds, little benches, and the quilts -- oh, the quilts are gorgeous!

  14. Ann I can't decide what I like best - love it all! Love those little beds - love the "Turkey" red, love the cat rug! Okay - yes that's it - love it all - you have a wonderful collection!

  15. I love the quilts you showed us! and how fun to see the same block as I made. I will post about this as soon as I finished my mini. I'm in love with your angel in your basket on the wall.