Sunday, November 27, 2011

reorganizing and looking for inspiration

I delivered quilts and ornaments to the Mennonite Heritage Center for their PA German Folk Art Sale, which starts this coming weekend.  I have time to plan some new quilt projects and do a little clean up in the quilt lab.  I pulled out some stacks of antique quilt tops, blocks, and cutter quilt pieces that I have been hoarding.  As I sorted them, I found lots of inspiration-color combination, blocks I have never tried, etc.  I also came up with a pile of items that will go on my Etsy site, as soon as I get a chance to take some good photos.

 My antique ironing board covered with my hoard.
 The court house steps doll quilt tucked in the pile on the right, inspired some quilts I made a few years ago.
 Hey, is that cheddar I see?  What a suprise that I would be drawn to this late 19th century top.
 This strippy top was inspiration for my quilt that appeared in Quilt Mania.
 Oh, green and light cheddar.  Love it.
 A rainbow.  No kidding this is a strip that was put together for a rainbow trip around the world quilt, late 19th or early 20th century.  I don't have the heart to take it apart and use the fabric, so I will keep it just as it is.
One of the few subdued quilt pieces in the stack.  The fabric is very early, maybe around 1830-1850.  I did not cut this one up(!),  I bought it this way--somebody was going to make a vest out of the old quilt.  Ouch.
Do you see anything that inpsires you?


  1. All of those wonderful quilts, they really are inspiring. I really like all the colors all piled up together.

  2. It's all so inspiring - I want to go sew now. But that green and orange...oh dear...I need a new project like a hole in the head (and of course I bought one today, which I hope to blog about as soon as I have some daylight to photograph it)!

  3. Okay, you said you have been hoarding some of these pieces. What I want to know is where do you find them? I know you go to all those shows and sales, but do you ever go to estate sales, etc.? Just wondering. You certainly come home with some interesting pieces! ---"Love"

  4. oh of course! Its the colors that inspire me!
    the block in the last picture, hmmm scrappy would be fun...
    I have to finish the quilt I am working on now but maybe a block or two to check it out today?

  5. Good hoarding! I noticed the courthouse steps even before you pointed it out...I guess that is the one that inspires me! The last photo caught my eye...the plaid!

  6. All kinds of lovely inspiration there!!