Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new sewing project, but it's not a quilt

No offense to those of you with plaid chairs, but I need to move on...I am so over plaid.  I have been wanting to make a slip cover for my plaid wingback chair for some time, and I have finally worked up the courage to do so.  I found a great tutorial here
Inspirational photos from magazines:

My chair

 50:50 linen cotton blend
And why not an ottoman too.  I got this one for cheap from  I know it doesn't match, but it will.

Wish me luck.  The last time I made piping I was in high school and it didn't work out so well.
p.s. I just sold a couple items from my updated website.  woo hoo!


  1. Good luck with your slip covers - that is something I would love to know how to do.
    Congratulations on the sales! Your updated website is great.

  2. I have no doubt you will recover the chair perfectly. It is a beautiful chair, and with the new fabric, will be a great place to display your quilts! I found that plaids and stripes, and even florals, often create a problem, so I bought solid neutrals for my den couch and loveseat, and I like them much better. Can't wait to see yours draped with something lovely you've made! ---"Love"

  3. Good luck with your project! I've reupholstered a wingback chair before, and swore I'd never do another (MUCH harder than a sofa), but a slipcover might be a bit easier. I'm crossing my fingers for you and look forward to seeing the finished project!

  4. For the piping, bias strips and your zipper foot. Once you've made one piece, the rest is easy, LOL. Love the chair and can't wait to see how it turns out. You will do a fabulous job, I am sure of it!


  5. oo nice. I need to get one of those made, too.

  6. I had that chair fabric on a couch! Slipcovers just take planning and lots of arm strength! I'd start with the ottoman if you haven't done it in awhile. Since I have multiple cats I have learned to love slipcovers!

  7. I like your plaid chair. But it would be fun to have a Summer slip cover to brighten up the house! Good luck on your project!