Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Always Flattering...

when someone makes one of my quilt patterns.  This one, Hidden Stars, appeared in Fons and Porter Easy Quilts Spring 2011.
photo from Fons and Porter website

I received an email from Debra; here is her version.  Very nice, isn't it?

The pattern for Hidden Stars is available as a down load from Fons and Porter.


  1. Love both quilts. Thanks for sharing the download info.

  2. I am the one who is flattered. Ann has been so gracious in posting this picture of my quilt. I am not an accomplished quilter, but I try. It was a fun quilt to make, and also challenging. The tiny pieces were intimidating, but I did it. It was a test of my patience and a learning experience. I actually enjoyed the challenge. Glad I could share this with everyone.
    Debbie Forster, Cape Coral FL

  3. How nice that you shared her picture of your pattern! I sent a photo to another designer once to show her what I had made, and she didn't even acknowledge me! Thought that was kinda rude. I can tell you're a NICE quilter! LOL

  4. Thanks for the download info. Debra's version of your pattern is precious.

  5. I saw your quilt in that magazine, and thought that's one I'd like to make someday too. I'm sure it will be a lesson in patience, and I could certainly make good use of that! Congrats on the publication---again! ---"Love"

  6. the adorable. Debbie's too cute. Great job. Thanks for sharing that link, I usually get that magazine, but I think I missed that issue.