Friday, April 29, 2011

California Trip Part 3-Fairfax Ave. farmers market

Whenever we go to LA, my husband and I stop by the historic Fairfax Ave. farmers market.  Located at 3rd and Fairfax, it has been there since the thirties.  No fabric stores here, the visit is strictly for the food (and maybe a couple tacky souvenirs)!

They have all kinds of food and fresh produce for sale.  What is a Pummelo?

 Quesadillas are served by the same vendor as corned beef and cabbage.  Both are delicous.  The fresh-squeezed orange juice is a must-have.  I always get a fresh donut here:
If you know what a real Philly cheesesteak is like,  don't get the Philly steak sandwhich here:
More recently they have built  "The Grove" adjacent to the farmers market.  Filled with high high high end stores, it is sort of the antithesis of the original  market.  We walked through it once, but skip it now.


  1. I remember the Farmers Market! I loved to go there as a child - think I made it only two or three times, though. It's the things we skip when we live nearby that amaze me!

  2. Yummy! I never heard of it but it's on my list for the next trip. Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures.

  3. Oh how I miss so many things about Cali!

  4. Lots of good food I'd bet! Is a pummelo similar to a canteloupe? Never heard of that! Did you try one? If so, what did it taste like? ---"Love"

  5. l love visiting farmers markets. They are on most weekends somewhere. Pumello's are a citrus from Asia. They are similar to a grapefruit. Very thick skinned.