Wednesday, April 27, 2011

California trip Part 2 LA fabric district

On Sunday of our vacation week, my husband and I went to the fabric district of LA to check it out.   Funny, my 15 year old sons had no interest in going.  I had read an interesting article about the fabric district here:  I was concerned that everything would be closed on a Sunday, but I was wrong.  The streets were packed with people and all the shops were open and packed with fabric.

 We walked around only a portion of the district.  I found one store with quilting fabric, and at $9.75/yd, I skipped making any purchases there.  What struck me was the immensity of the stores and the huge amount of fabric and related notions.

Most of the stores featured fancy, sparkly, shiny, silky fabrics, not my choice for a quilt certainly, but fun to look at any way.
 I call this photo Zipper Rainbow.  Need a zipper in any color, they have it here.
This article I mentioned above is from 2008--Notice the "everything for $1" photo in the article.  I have a picture of the same store I think, but now it is "everything $1.99".  Inflation in action.

For quilting, I definitely prefer the quilt shops in Temecula, but it was fun to visit the LA fabric district nevertheless.


  1. I read about a store called "Michaels" or something like that in LA. I never got a chance to check it out for myself, but did you?

  2. How on earth did you have that much willpower? I would have had to buy something! But then, my resistance is low! I'm surprised they let you leave! ---"Love"

  3. Looks like fun! Loved the picture of the zippers in every color.

  4. oh I wish I could go there and just walk around
    its fun to see the different fabrics even though we would never use them in our quilting. Glad you got to experience it!
    ah yes give me my type of quilt store any day first ! Living in Pa your spoiled! I love shopping in the Lancaster area but some day I hope to get to a few quilt shops in Calif , did you get to go to the Country Loft?

  5. Oh, I am drooling! I'm a real sucker for fancy fabrics, LOL. To walk down a street filled with fabric like that you would have had to tie my hands behind my back.


  6. The shops in LA do look fun, bright and colourful but I think my heart would still be in Temecula.