Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful and supportive posts regarding a future book :-) 
  • The majority of responses favored a book over individual patterns-great to know this, I wasn't sure. 
  • Many suggested that using antique fabric for the quilts would be fine, but also making some of the quilts with reproduction fabrics would be a good idea.   My thought here is that sometimes my antique fabric stash limits what quilt I might reproduce, for example, a bright Prussian blue is quite rare to find and probably too rare to use--that might be just the right opportunity to make the quilt in reproduction fabrics.
  • Many mentioned that they would like information on the history of the antique quilts/fabric-definitely I would include this!
  • Including patterns for other than just quilts (e.g.pincushion/ornaments)was suggested-great idea
I have saved all your comments in a  file for future pondering and planning.  Thanks again!


  1. I see a bestseller on the horizon!! Great ideas.

  2. I hope this is a dream that comes true for you. Best wishes for whatever comes of your idea.

  3. Can't wait for the publication! I hope your ideas come to fruition.

  4. good luck!!!!
    I would prefer you using reproduction fabrics as we can see the antique fabrics in the original little quilt you are reproducing. I would love to learn how you interpret the fabrics from antique to whats available in the reproduction fabric market place today.
    For most reproduction fabric collectors Prussian blue and other unique fabrics are hoarded! so if you have a little quilt with it go for it!
    you could always use a different blue....