Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reproducing doll quilts and a survey

If you follow my blog you have seen that I have had fun reproducing doll quilts from the book Childhood Treasures.  (Kathie has also reproduced and shown several on her blog).  Now it is time for me to turn to reproducing some antique doll quilts from my own collection.  Here is the first, which I may have shown you previously.  What I didn't show you before was the original antique doll quilt, which I was able to recently acquire.   The original measures 11.5" x 10"; mine is 11" x 11".  How did I do? I love the way it turned out, although I could have made the border a little wider to be more in proportion to the original.

 A close-up of the antique quilt shows that it has a lot of wear perhaps it was well loved and used by a little girl.  I would date this to ca. 1870.  Also notice that the antique quilt is machine quilted.  Whenever I see a machine quilted antique doll quilt I feel that it supports my use of machine quilting as legitimate, and not a crime against quilt history.

SURVEY TIME  I am thinking about doing a book which will present some of my antique doll quilts and patterns to reproduce them.  I would appreciate if you would answer a few questions about this in your comments.  Please give me your gut response, negative or positive.
1.  Would you be interested in a book that presents 8-12 antique doll quilts and patterns to reproduce them?
2.  Would you prefer if I did my version of the quilt using new reproduction fabrics or would my use of antique fabrics be ok?
3.  Would you prefer a series of indivial patterns to a book?
4.  What else would you want to see in such a book?  Color options?  Size options? 
5.  Additional comments?
Thanks in advance; your feedback is really appreciated!


  1. I would be interested in a book rather than individual patterns. I like the idea for use of old fabrics though most of us will not have access to those type fabrics. Maybe a section on what to look for in reproduction fabrics that would make our quilts have the look of the old. It might also work to have a series of individual e-patterns that can be downloaded.

  2. I love the little quilts. I don't keep them but give to my sil who treasures them dearly. I enjoy hand piecing them and hand quilting every bit of them. I enjoy reading the little anecdotal stories that go with the little quilts, like in Small Endearments, by Sandi Fox. I think it gives the quilt a different dimension, like, why it was made, who received it and where it's been all these years. Even a new little quilt, for an infant, doll or even a mini quilt...can appear so magical if they have a story. I would so buy your book, hopefully with patterns in it and even different pics for colors or sizes? I love little quilts, but would love them more if I kept a few! I also love the little quilt kits. I am not fond of mini quilts, just little ones. Sorry, I do go on. I can't wait to see what you come up with, happy day, Elaine

  3. I would love for you to write a book using your antique little quilts as patterns! I would definitely purchase it. Optional color patterns would be nice too. With the number of reproduction fabrics out there now, I don't think using your antique fabrics would be a problem--we'd be able to find something suitable, I think.

  4. First off, love the little quilt!.
    1. Yes, I would consider buying a book with antique doll quilt patterns.
    2. Your use of antique fabrics would be okay. Although, I know many people want to reproduce patterns with the exact fabric they see it the pattern picture. Maybe for some of the quilts you could show new repro. fabrics.
    3. I would prefer a book.
    4. I like the idea of color options. Size options would be fine, but not necessary for me to buy the book. I would like to see a little history of the antique quilt you would be reproducing, circa date, types of fabrics used etc. It would also be nice to have a pattern or two on making something other than a doll quilt, but using the little blocks found in your doll quilts. Ex. pinchusion, ornament, etc.
    5. I like books that give me more than just the pattern to make a quilt. I want more to read, something new to learn. I know there are books out there on "Doll Quilts or Little Quilts". You need to find your niche. What can you share with us about your quilts that we haven't read or seen before? I know you can do it, get started!

  5. I would definitely buy a book based on your antique doll quilts. I would rather a book with patterns than individual patterns, something I rarely buy. Lots of color photos, both original quilts and your copies are a must. Use of currently available reproduction fabrics is preferred since most of us don't have the access to authentic antique fabrics. Background info and historical notes would set this book apart from most of the others which usually offer only a designers personal interpretation of antique quilts that are not shown. I like a little history and education mixed into my creative endeavors!!

  6. I love your little quilt, but I love all of your litte ones! It would be so nice to see your reproductions of little quilts all together in a book. I feel I get more value for my money if I can purchase several patterns in a book than to buy each individually. As others have stated, make yours with your wonderful antique fabrics but include suggestions for using reproduction fabrics for those of us who don't have access to the antique ones. I also like their suggestions to include a little history or stories about your quilts. The story makes the quilt! It would be nice if you could discuss the types of colors used in the antique fabrics. Some of the combinations you put together are wonderful. Ann, I think this is a great idea and when it is ready, would you autograph mine?

  7. I would say book! you could use your own repro fabrics but I knwo I wouldn't have any way of using the real ones. Maybe a little section on tips or how to select if you are interested in using real stuff but not an entire project in only those old fabrics. I think thats such a neat idea!

  8. I like the idea of a book over individual patterns. I think that using reproduction fabrics would be good, because that is more readily available to everyone.
    I like it when books have little stories about the quilts, and I also like it when they have lots of pictures with the quilts well displayed (I hope you know what I mean, I have a few quilt books like this and they are my favorite), since we don't necessarily make all the quilts in a book, but use it for inspiration too.
    I think if it is you dream to write a book you should go for it! All the best!

  9. Ditto, all of the above. I especially agree that if you use your antique fabrics, also show the little quilts in today's reproduction fabrics. I also like to know the stories that go with the quilts: where they are from, any historical information that goes with them, what was going on the world when they were made, etc. It sounds like a wonderful idea for a book!

  10. I think you did a great job of reproducing the doll quilt. I love the teeny red square in the center!!
    I like a book better than patterns and reproduced in your lovely antique fabric would be wonderful.

  11. I think it is a great idea for you to do book on reproduction doll quilts using reproduction civil war fabric, stories. history and vintage pictures to go with.

    Also a pattern or two of little dolls--primitive of course and maybe a little doll for the doll ---they would like one too!

    I also have a few books like this and they are my favorite. But--- you know how I love old dolls and little quilts!!!! :) I know there is an "audience" for you and this type of a book!

    I would "plug" for you and I know all your other followers would too---go for it! :) Carolyn

  12. 1. Would you be interested in a book that presents 8-12 antique doll quilts and patterns to reproduce them? YES
    2. Would you prefer if I did my version of the quilt using new reproduction fabrics or would my use of antique fabrics be ok? EITHER WAY
    3. Would you prefer a series of indivial patterns to a book? A BOOK
    4. What else would you want to see in such a book? Color options? Size options? COLOR OPTIONS ARE A GOOD IDEA


  13. I would buy a book. Defintely with your versions and a little history about where the quilt is from, name of fabrics. Different colorways is great...since reproducting with the exact fabrics is a chore. Super ideas!

  14. 1. Yes 
    2. Would you prefer if I did my version of the quilt using new reproduction fabrics or would my use of antique fabrics be ok? I think maiing them either way would be fine. Actually if you could swing it both ways would be good. I always enjoy books that give me more than one image of the finished quilt in different fabrics.
    3. Would you prefer a series of indivial patterns to a book? A book
    4. What else would you want to see in such a book? Color options? Size options? See my words above. Color (fabric) is a great idea. Simple charts that give me an indication of how many blocks it would take to make the quilt in different sizes.
    5. Maybe different sizes. I am unsure the size of your doll quilts. So maybe a small and a medium size. If everything in the book is to make a 12 x 12 quilt I would get bored. Some that could be turned into like table top size 40 or 50 inches square or 36 x 36.

    I do not think machine quilting is bad. Reguardless of the quilt style or age of fabrics. Most of us know there are many machine quilted quilts in our history. What turns me off are over machine quilted quilts that are like cardboard. I can admire the work but that is just a personal preference. Balance even with the amount of thread on the top of the quilt makes a difference to me.

  15. A book devoted to your little quilts would be lovely. Your use of antique fabrics is what makes the quilts so special, but suggestions for using other fabrics would be great. Background information would be a bonus.
    I would buy your book.


  16. 1. As you have seen from my posts, I'm not really into repro prints, so probably not.
    2. You could do like APQ does and show a version with real vintage prints and one with reproductions.
    3. I usually buy individual patterns. It's frustrating sometime's to pay book price when you are in love with just one of the quilts in the book. And with money the way it is, it's easier to justify a smaller sum for a pattern than it is for a full book.
    4. Full size patterns for anything that had to be made with a template. I HATE enlarging. I won't buy a book or a pattern that has to have it's patterns enlarged.
    5. Have fun!!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  17. I would line up to buy the book! I love looking at your quilts and have made 1 from the American Patchwork magazine. I love the idea of showing both the antique & your reproduction. If you use antique fabrics that's great. I use a pattern to make a similiar quilt not the exact same quilt.

  18. Definitely a book.
    Your reproduction version would be great (showing both versions, like you did above).
    Using antique fabrics or reproduction--maybe a mix (one quilt using just antique fabrics, another using just reproduction?).
    Your quilts are beautiful
    Good luck with your book!

  19. I love the idea of both e-patterns and a book...maybe you could select some of the patterns for e-publishing. I also think you should use reproduction fabrics if you want people to be able to reproduce the patterns.Personally I would be interested also in a picture book of your collection.

  20. I like the idea of a book. I also like reproducing small quilts from antique fabrics, so I would love seeing them made that way, but I know not everyone has a stash of them, so repro is fine, too. I like a smaller size, around 12".

  21. I love small quilts and have many books with patterns. However, that would not stop me from purchasing another. I like the idea of a book rather than individual patterns. I feel a mix of antique and reproduction fabrics would be nice. Most people do not have access to antique fabric so they might be "put off" if the small quilts were all made with antique fabrics. Some history of the time period of the antique quilt was made might be fun to include in the book as well as photos of your original antique quilts.

  22. I have admired your little quilts for quite some time and find your work to be such an inspiration for me to make little quilts. I would love to own a book written by you with your antique and reproduction quilts. As far as the fabrics go, it would be fun to see you use reproduction fabrics and compare them with the antiques ones. The quilts you're showing us today are beautiful.

  23. I would LOVE a book. I would show the original antique quilt but than have your interpretation for other fabric choices. Like others have said, a little history is nice. Can't wait to see it!!!

  24. Having read all the previous posts, there's one thing I'd add - value pictures in black, white, and shades of gray. This way, even those not interested in reproduction fabrics would have a starting point. These could be just small, thumbnail sketches or a b&w version of one of the color pictures. Where a group of historic anything (such as doll quilts) is involved, I'd buy the book. I rarely buy individual patterns.