Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've been bad

I went to a big antique show yesterday in Oaks, PA, at the same venue as the recent quilt show.  Only the antique show was 3 times bigger than the quilt show--advertisements said 500 dealers, and that's what it felt like.  I was searching for vintage hangers for my little quilts, and found exactly zero.  I probably need to hit the more flea-markety sales out at Adamstown. By the way on the drive out to Oaks, I passed a huge bill board (on of those new fangled electronic ones but still the size of a tradtional billboard) advertising the craft show I am going to be in next Saturday and Sunday.  I've got to hand it the the Guild, they really advertise--hope that translates into lots of customers!!

I didn't come home empty handed--this is where the being bad comes in.  I happened across some pillowcases.  I did have the courage to pass them by the first time, but on my way out I just had to stop again.  The dealer gave me such a great price on the pair, that I had to buy the singleton, too.

Do I need a pc-hoarding intervention?

I think the single case might be a little earlier, ca. 1870, while the pair is probably 1880. 


  1. This may be bad, but I'm sure you could have been worse! And the pillowcases are great. They look like they're in pretty good shape for being that old.

  2. What will you do with them? They look to be in good shape and atleast they will be easy to store.

  3. I know that we are supposed to leave antiques alone, as in not altering them, but I was looking at those pillow cases and was thinking they could be turned into miniature quilts. Just my idea. Oh, and buying antiques is a way of saving them from becoming oil catchers in someone's garage!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. Great find! Wishing you great success at the craft fair!

  5. That's not bad! That's go-oo-oo-d! They really are pretty! (Pink and green are my colors!) ---"Love"

  6. oh no you need to own those I am glad you splurged and bought them
    just beautiful
    look at those fabrics

  7. Hello Ann, Your pink and green little vintage quilt is wonderful, love the colors.

    I always say when I buy something, " this makes me happy" ! So, I hope this makes you feel better!

    Email me the type of doll quilt hangers you are looking for. Are they wood? Do they have clips for hanging them? Some have little girl paintings on them or animals. I might know someone who has them.I will be on the look out for you. Let me know what you are wanting.

    Thanks for sharing your new "treasures"! Best wishes for you up comming show. :) Carolyn

  8. Those are great finds, not bad at all!

  9. You may feel bad, but seriously, how could you pass those up?

  10. Every now and then we stumble on something that just can't be passed up. Congratulations on a great find!


  11. I have to say I'm happy you didn't pass up the pillowcases. They are wonderful!!
    Good luck at the fair next week!

  12. wow-you are in PA aren't you! Wish we could find those great pillowcases out west. Good job.