Saturday, March 20, 2010

Craft Show Results

Well, my first show of the year is in the history books.  The turn-out was on the low side due to an absolutely beautiful spring day (the first after a severe winter) however, I was pleased with my results.  Christine (aka Stitch Niche) visited the show and  it was really nice to meet her in person.  

Here is a series of photos telling the story of my show adventure.

My car, loaded up and ready to roll.

How the booth space looked when I arrived.  Think school cafeteria, which is what it is.

Curtains are up, now that looks better already.

Starting to shape up.

All ready now.

9:00 pm...time for bed.


  1. Your transformation of the exhibition space was amazing and the photos showed a colourful and beautifully designed display. Oh how I would love to have attended. Love the rabbits!
    A friend is running a sudoku quilt workshop and I am thinking of doing it as a miniature. Bought some lovely reproductions yesterday to add to my own and I think it could work. Congratulations on the exhibition.

  2. You really transformed that space. This gives me a glimpse of how much work is involved in these shows, besides crafting the treasures. I love seeing all your work together like that. -Joanne

  3. How wonderful that you got to meet Christine! I'm envious again! Your booth is lovely; what a great display of your little quilts and other items. Lots of work no doubt, but I bet you had lots of fun. ---"Love"

  4. THat's quite some transformation. Your booth looks lovely and I do hope you made good sales. How wonderful that you met Christine! Cheers, Ann :-)

  5. sorry I missed it , I really wanted to take the drive down.
    hopefully what I wanted didn't sell! will send you an email.

  6. It is wonderful that you got to meet Christine! What fun. Your booth looked amazing with all of your little treasures displayed. The basket of bunnies were great and are those kitties in the cradle? You did a really nice job with your display. Looks like a successful and exhausting day.

  7. Your work is even more beautiful in person than online!! My little ornament is hanging from one of my kitchen windows :) Christine

  8. I think the way people put their booths together makes a big impact on how successful they are....and your set up is great! Very inviting and homey;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  9. Your booth looks great. So cool that you got to meet Christine. Wish I could have been there too.

  10. Your booth was wonderful Ann!! Your quilts look beautiful together.

  11. What a lovely booth! Really pretty. Michele