Saturday, November 30, 2013

A little Christmas...

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal with our two college boys.  They even spent some time with us, not just with their friends.  I was flattered.  I spent some time putting away the fall decor and pulling out the Christmas boxes and quilts.  Instead of a simple red and green quilt, I put up this one in the living room.

Well, it does have a red and green border!  This is a late 19th century Pennsylvania quilt.  Note the bars on the back.
Here's another corner of the living room.  I haven't decorated the tree yet.
I also found time to list a few more items on etsy.  I sold 4 quilts and a bunch of fabrics from the last batch of listings.  I am grateful to the buyers who are giving new homes to those treasures.


  1. I love seeing what quilt will be highlighted in your house. I think the log cabin will be lovely as Christmas decor.

  2. I love your quilt, it looks Christmas-y even though it has more than red and green in it. It is beautiful!

  3. What a dynamic log cabin! The crib snowball is super sweet, and the applique looks great the way you've displayed it.

  4. The log cabin quilt is perfect! Love the colors. And the sweet snowball quilt. You always make your home look so lovely and warm.