Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's like riding a bike

Look what I made...a quilt block.  I remember how to make a quilt block!  So much fun.
Such a block will serve as the front of a small needle case design I am working on.  Here is my mock up/rough draft made with some scraps of reproduction fabrics.  I can only go so far with pencil and paper; I have to pull out fabrics and start sewing to really envision my designs.  There will be binding on all sides and it will be hand stitched down.  The rough draft was done quickly so I could determine if this size, shape, and closure mechanism would work.
The pieced block will be incorporated as the front of the book, which folds into a square with a loop and button closure.  The inside is lined in wool and has an additional piece of wool to serve as the "pages".  I will probably add blanket stitching around the edge of the wool page.  Trust me, it will look much better when I make the final draft :)
Here are some of the fabrics I pulled out for this project.  I am planning on making a dozen of these small needle cases.  I am also working on a larger version that will hold small scissors.

I took one of my soon-to-be-college-freshmen sons over to his school today to pick his ID and books.  He moves in on Sunday.  It's only about 90 minutes away, so we made the trip today and avoided the lines and crowds.  Plus we drove around the campus, found his dorm and generally got oriented to the new surroundings.  
And we just happened to pass by one of my favorite antique stores, too.  Fortunately I was behind the wheel at the time, otherwise I wouldn't be able to show you my latest find.

It's a homespun linen show towel dated 1900 with two names on it.  It came from an Amish household.  You can also see one of the two hanging loops on the top corners.  Useful and decorative.


  1. Well, I like your mock up:) - can't wait to see the 'real' one.

  2. Hi Ann - can you tell me what's a "show towel"?

  3. The needle cases will be precious! I know how it is do take your kids to college and come back without them. Even 90 minutes away! It's good in some ways - and bad in other ways!

  4. Some things in life we will never forget, like riding a bike, and piecing a quilt block! Glad you finally have time to do more of the latter! ---"Love"