Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another little painting project


Thought I would try another small milk paint project.  (see my last post for little project #1)  I had ordered a pretty blue color too, with the intention of using for the interior of my corner cupboard.  I have seen this done several times; blue is a great background for red ware and yelloware that I display in that cupboard.

I use this old wooden tote to show vintage kitchen items.  It is not a fine, valuable antique, so I decided I would paint it.  I was never that crazy about the color or the black streak running down the side.  The wooden pieces don't contrast very well against the box.  Enter milk paint...In this case I painted one coat of blue on the outside and one coat of yellow on the inside.  One coat allowed some of the wood character to show through.  I haven't done any distressing but I might do a little something to the blue.


For my cupboard interior I am going to tone the blue by mixing it with white.  OK, now back to the book--this time for sure!
UPDATE:  just did a little sand papering and a coat of antiquing wax.  I like it better now.



  1. Love it. All the stuff inside it shows up so much better now.

  2. Your cupboard turned out great and now this little wooden tote looks great, too. Love the antique look you ended up with and everything really stands out in the display now. You did a great job!

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