Saturday, April 6, 2013

California dreaming on such a winter's day

Actually, spring appears to have finally come to Ambler.  The sun is shining and my star magnolia is just starting to bloom.  We spent the week before Easter in California, our usual spring break get away.  With the boys going off to different colleges next year, we may have to make the trip a summer event instead. 

My new favorite antique place to visit in S. California is the city of Orange.  It is a quaint town, with many antique shops, boutiques and restaurants.  My favorite store is Down Home Antiques-I found Pennsylvania quilts there.  How did they get all the way to California?  One of them needed to come back home with me.

I don't see purple too often in antique Pennsylvania quilts; the purple calico just drew me to this quilt.  It dates from the late 19th or early 20th century.  The back is a pretty madder fabric.  The way the colors are arranged, the star block really doesn't come through as a star.  It looks like there are two grids overlapping.  This one is 72" wide.
Less bold, and not necessarily from PA, is a white and green crib quilt.  I counted 7 different green prints.  Some of the greens are more yellow and some are more blue. This one probably dates to
1860-1880.  It  measures 43"x46".



  1. Those are two amazing quilts Ann! I love the purple in the star quilt and I'm not sure I've ever seen an all green quilt like that with a variety of prints. I love them both!!

  2. Isn't Down Home Antiques wonderful??? I love that store! I only live about 30 minutes from there so find myself in Old Town Orange quite often. Your two quilts are beautiful...what a pleasant surprise it must have been for you to find them here in California :)

  3. Such lovely quilts! Must write down that town/shop in my Things to do in the US wish book

  4. Wonderful quilts. Love all the greens.