Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Trip

My husband and I took a trip out to Adamstown, PA for a little antique shopping on Mother's day.  If you don't know it, Adamstown is Antiques Capital USA.   It's true.  We visited the outdoor market at Shupp's Grove.  The weather was perfect for wandering around from vendor to vendor.  I found this milk carrier and pint bottles.

 I purchased with intention of displaying lots of cut flowers from my garden this summer.  These flowers are from the grocery store, but you just wait.  I need two more old jars to fill in the empty spaces.

I found tons of vintage rulers and yardsticks, but controlled myself and only bought 5 rulers; they were a dollar a piece, how could I resist?
The small rug beater came from our next stop, The Mad Hatter Antique Mall, which is is an old hat factory.  This is a cute little beater, only about 14 inches in length.  It will look nice hanging on the wall or standing in an old jar or box. 

Our next stop was the Black Angus, which is my favorite antique place in Adamstown.  They are open only on Sunday.  I found these two little doll aprons that just tugged at my heartstrings.  One is a brown "homespun" while the other is a brown stripy print.  There were many beautiful quilts and even a pair of pillowcases, but with college bills looming in 2013, I resisted the temptation.

Our last stop was for lunch.  We tried a new place for us, The Black Horse, which from the outside didn't give us confidence, but the food and atmosphere turned out to be great.  They had a regular menu and a vegetarian/special diet menu.  Lots of fresh vegetables in all their dishes.  Yum.


  1. How fun just to spend the day checking thing out in the antique capitol. You showed a lot of self control!

  2. You had a great day! I especially like the milk bottles in the holder and the rug beater. My sister told me recently that she had the old rug beater that we used to use and I told her that I wanted it. She asked, "What for?" I'll have to wait until we go there next and don't know when that will be. I would like to hang it in my laundry room.

  3. It sounds like a fun day with wonderful finds!!

  4. always fun to poke around up there! Great finds!

  5. Oh wow Ann I love Adamstown. Love Black Angus the best and really can find some good stuff at Shupps. I really love that milk holder and the bottles, as I collect that stuff too. My dad was a milk man delivering milk to homes way back. I used to go with him and help as a little girl, no refrigerated trucks then. We hauled huge burlap bags of ice and set it on top of the milk to keep it cold. During the winter the milk would freeze and the caps would pop off. Loved when that happened to the chocolate milk becuase then I could drink it....chocolate milk is so good when it's starting to cold and tasty. Brings back memories for me. I collect Saint Lawrence Dairy memorobilia but it's getting harder and harder to find. Great post!


  6. Adamstown is a fabulous place to shop - I can't wait to go back!
    Looking forward to seeing flowers filling the milk jars.