Saturday, May 12, 2012

Around the house today

I am enjoying a quiet day around the house  The boys are on a trip to DC with their high school jazz band and my husband is on an all day bike ride with his club.  I am doing a little gardening and a lot of sewing. 

I am working on a little quilt that requires 256 half square triangles of unfinished size of 1.5 inches..
 I start with 2 inch squares, trim the hst to 1.5 inches, then end up with 1 inch hsts in the finished quilt.  Note my pile of trimmings.  Making the hst a little larger then needed and then trimming down is key for me when making my little quilts.

A second project I am working on that will also involve hsts is being inspired by this antique fragment. Oops, I guess the red she used was
not colorfast!  I don't know how many hsts this project will require.  I usually start with a general idea which then evolves as I go. 

Am I in trouble?

I have several of my little quilts and some nice vintage items for sale in my shop on etsy
Please take a look!


  1. I think ^^ is in trouble!!! Looks as though you have a wonderful project in the works!

    Happy Mother's Day, Ann!

    Hug's, Carolyn

  2. I hope neither of us goes off the deep end after working with those tiny HST's! I had to take a break from mine! Good luck with your Etsy shop; lots of good stuff there! ---"Love"

  3. That's a lot of HST's! Cannot wait to see the finished project. I am currently working on a big quilt project for the shop that has a LOT of small pieces. The HST's I am dealing with square up to 1 5/8 inches. That 5/8 inch is driving me crazy but the next block has pieces squared to 11/16 inches...that should be a delight...NOT!