Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Day- time to change the quilt

It's a beautiful spring day here in Ambler. 

I changed the quilt in the quilt lab to this little beauty.
 My best guess is that this crib quilt dates to ca. 1850-1870.

 I love the use of striped fabric for the bias binding.
 The quilting is nice, though it doesn't really stand out against the print fabrics on the front.
I also came across a couple cutter quilt fragments so put them out to enjoy.  Inspiration comes from grand quilts as well as worn, raggedy pieces.
The Etsy Shipping department has been busy.  I just listed two more antique textiles in my store, including a pair of pillowcases.  Is it time to start your own collection?


  1. I love both those patterns, and the red/white fabric in the lily quilt is so pretty! ---"Love"

  2. Your spring quilt is just wonderful. It would make a wonderful pattern. (just in case you needed something more to do!) Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  3. Beautiful Ann. So nice and springy. Makes me smile. Happy spring!!


  4. That spring quilt is a beauty!

  5. Beautiful crib quilt - the baby it was made for was very lucky!!

  6. Love that baby quilt. It really is perfect for a spring wall hanging.

  7. The floral design quilt is perfect for spring.

  8. ah yes its spring! perfect choice , love this quilt and its fabrics.
    opps wish i would have known your adding more things to your etsy store...
    I missed the red and green applique block :(

  9. Such a happy looking quilt, love the colours.
    Strange to think you are going into Spring, whilst here in Victoria, Australia we are having the first signs of chilly Autumn mornings with beautiful sunny afternoons.

  10. Hi--I just found your blog---love everything---I love the yardstick quilt hanger from the blog before--what kind of clips do you use to hang the quilt to the yardstick....I love those little quilts--so charming.....