Friday, October 14, 2011

Phillies, piano, fall quilt

I am coming out of my depression over the Phillies early exit from the baseball playoffs.  Growing up as a Cubs fan in Chicago, you would think I would be numb to such disappointment, but it still hurts.
You may remember that I share the quilt lab with the family piano.  I don't play; it was my husband's childhood piano and my sons learned to play on it.  Nobody in the house played it any more, and much to Love's chagrin, the piano tended to serve as a three tier shelf for my fabrics (including the bench!).  A shelf no more.  My husband's sister wanted the piano for her young son.  My husband agreed and it is on its way to California.

And I have more space.

And now for the fall quilt, you can see it on the wall.  This is a crib size quilt.  The yellow and red fabrics date to ca. 1850 I would say.  I think the back may be 1870 or so.   I counted 16 different red prints and 13 different yellow prints.  The green and brown fabrics are solids.  This may be a PA Mennonite quilt.

As you can see, the quilting is beautiful.  Very tiny stitches.  I always love to hang this quilt in the fall.


  1. Sorry about the Phillies; I'm afraid to comment about the Rangers lest I jinx them for Saturday night here in Texas!(Quietly, I'll say, "Go Rangers!")
    It's sad to see that beautiful piano leave your home, but...pianos are made to be played; so I'm glad it is finding a home where it will be enjoyed; better yet, it is still in the family. No doubt you will enjoy the extra space much more than the piano. A good trade, from your standpoint. You'll have the space packed full before you know it!
    That quilt is really special; the quilting, particularly where it shows so well in that green border, is incredible! ---"Love"

  2. The hand quilting is so perfect...thanks for sharing it wiith us.

  3. Anne, very pretty quilt and the quilting is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So great the old piano is on its way to someone else who will play it again. Bonus...more room for your fabric.
    Love the quilt.
    I feel your baseball pain. Still Cub fans here. :(

  5. It is always nice to see a cool, old crib quilt. Thought for sure it would be Boston and Phillies in the series. You just never know what is going to happen; there are always surprises. It is tough to wait until next year!

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how you can use so many different fabrics in a quilt and still have it turn out so well. Love that little quilt!


  7. As I read the post and saw the corner of the quilt on the wall...I'm the quilt and sure enough it included the detail too ;-)
    What a great quilt!
    Too bad for the Phillies.
    Congrats on more space in the Quilt Lab.

  8. Sorry about the a Red Sox fan I know what it feels like. Love the quilting in that Fall quilt!

  9. Love the feathers in the border with the echo stitch to fill it out. The lines are so pleasing to the eye! And they meet up with the cross hatching. Such talent!

    And I'm a Nats fan... count your blessings. ;)

  10. I love the colors in your fall quilt!

  11. what a beautiful quilt oh my look at all those red prints, just made my day!
    hey more space in the quilt lab is a good thing a new table perhaps with bins /baskets underneath is in order?

  12. meant to say the quilting is amazing, thanks for sharing the close ups
    I always love seeing the fabrics and oh the quilting to die for....