Monday, October 24, 2011

Bindings...2 down, a few to go

I love binding...I really do.  Well mostly.
2 quilts done
Only 14 more to go.

More ornaments.  I really must stop and finish what I have already pieced.


  1. Two bound is good, a little at a time and they will all be done. I like binding, too. I know each quilt it close to being complete so I can start another one. My favorite part of binding is the hand basting it to the back, it is fun to do in the evening watching TV. I love the little ornaments, maybe I will have time to try to make a few before Christmas. Your are super cute!

  2. Look at that are so productive! I'll be lucky to finish a few ornaments before the holidays!

  3. I have a huge pile to bind too. I enjoy binding as well, but I have just had too much going on and not enough time. I'll get to it though....soon.

  4. I love binding too; then it's ready for a label! I don't know that I could make a stack like that before I bound them. They all look really neat! (How 'bout those Rangers tonight?!!)

  5. Please, don't stop. The quilts are so beautiful. I love to see all your work on your blog. A tip from the Netherlands; organise a "binding-bee"; everyone helps you with the binding and you pamper (is it the right word?)your helpers with coffee and pie.

  6. Does anyome remember a post on from the old APQ blogs titled *The Tao of Binding*? I thought the writer captured what many feel about binding and completing a project. I bet Love has that saved somewhere. ann :-)

  7. I love binding put on a good movie and just keep going!
    love the ornaments, would love to have a tree full of these!

  8. Wonderful ornaments...but I can also see a scrappy doll quilt with these darling blocks!

    I love sewing on the binding too...very relaxing while watching TV.

    Carolyn :)

  9. Please allow my reply to Ann's comment above:
    Ann, I do not recall "The Binding of Tao" blog at all. I printed all my APQ blogs, but did not print any others; sorry. I'm guessing here, but did the blogger refer to the quiet, calmness that results as one completes a quilt binding? That's the effect binding has on me. Maybe the blog was before I joined APQ; someone else may remember it. ---"Love"