Monday, August 15, 2011

from one patch to four patch

Last post I showed you two 1 patch quilts that I had cut out.  I really didn't feel like sewing all those little patches together just yet, so I set them aside and made two 4 patch quilts this past weekend.  The first came about when I ran across this piece of vintage fabric in my stash. 
I had used this fabric in blocks before, as well as a border in another quilt.  I had only this piece left and wanted to use it to best effect.  I decided to cut two inch pieces to use as setting squares for a four patch quilt.  The size was defined by how many of these squares I could eek out. 
I picked some colors that I thought would work and made several combinations of strip pieces for the 4 patches.

Here is the final result.  I tried a few borders but when I put up the green, I knew that was the one.
 The second four patch was inspired as I was paging through photos of quilts I had made over the last several years.  I made one very similar to this when I first starting using antique fabrics.  It is simple, but there's much to be said for simple.  The smallest squares in this one are 1 inch finished.
Here is a photo of the two quilts together so you can see a size comparison-1 inch vs. 3/4 inch squares.


  1. that piece of fabric is just beautiful
    ok I would have a hard time choosing either one of these little quilts as my favorite I Love them both!!!!
    will they be for sale?

  2. 4-patches are my favorite "go to" for doll quilts. These are so sweet!

  3. Yummy! I love poison green too. Your special piece is to die for. You did good. Karmen

  4. I like them both also! I've wondered how you do such perfect and tiny quilts. After trying it, I think I figured it out: you do it "very carefully!" Maybe someday, I can too. ---"Love"

  5. Oh, beautiful quilts!
    Love the vintage piece - I agree the green is perfect.

  6. Love them both! I think I would like to try one as a full size!


  7. What adorable little quilts!! The one with the green border is so unique and special!

  8. Love the one with the green border. The four patches work so well with your focus fabric.
    Gonn sew those one patches together now??

  9. Lovely! I love 4-patch quilts and both of these are perfect!

  10. Love them both! I'm inspired to head straight down to the sewing hovel and make one a la the green one...