Saturday, June 11, 2011

More pillow and bolster case show and tell

I pulled out three cases to show you, one is a long bolster case, the other two are pillowcases.  I grouped these together because they are similar in color--lots of fantastic browns--are scrappy in nature, and date to ca. 1870.
The bolster case design simply starts with one four-patch and two nine-patches, which are then built out with strips to the desired size.  I love to make quilts like this.  You can vary the strip width and you can piece the strip to end up with a very antique looking quilt.  You will see this concept in one of my future magazine publications (probably early next year).
 Here is a sampling of all the fantastic prints in this case.  

 The back.
The next show and tell is a pillow case.  Again, remember, pieced and applique bolster and pillowcases are a form limited to the Pennsylvania Germans.  Our good friend the nine-patch shows up in this pillow case.  Triangles in the border on two sides adds a lot of interest I think.

 The back.  Check out that aqua color.  It really is 1870--not 1930!
The final pillowcase is an interesting one because it is made partly from 1870 cheater cloth.  See Eileen Trestain's fabric dating book for an example on page 75.
 The cheater piece is the section contains the star block and the paisley section above it then over to the right until you get to pieced one-patch border.  The rest is filled out with squares are various sizes to make the desired sized case.

 All cheater in the above photo.

 The back is fantastic  madder print as a central panel with 1 patch borders on the long sides.


  1. I was looking at the close ups of the bolster and noticed the conversation print. That makes it later than 1870, more like 1880-1890.

  2. Very interesting fabrics! Love how they are put together!


  3. I'm always surprised by the colour and variety of the prints available to quilters of this era. They had fantastic choices. You have quite an amazing collection Ann. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Ann :-)

  4. Very interesting fabrics! I like best the ones in the sixth picture from the top and the last two. ---"Love"

  5. thanks for sharing your antique pillowcases with us
    I am always amazed at the fabrics and the combo's they used, its all about the fabrics isn't it?
    The bolster case I have never seen one of those in person.
    would love to one day.
    I have a new appreciation for cheater cloths!

  6. The fabric is so lovely in these!! I never get tired of the wonderful and fun antique fabric!

  7. Silly question I guess, but I assume the bolsters were used to go across the whole width of the beds? It's always a treat to see these from your collection, never have seen these in person. So the plaid is also c.1870?

  8. oooh, those browns and madder reds are delicious together. It's one of my favorite color combinations.

  9. Very cool, thanks for sharing

  10. Great examples - what does the bolster cover measure?
    What a wonderful bunch of fabrics to study - very fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your bolster browns! I think you need to look into having your cheater panel reproduced. That would be a keeper for us repro lovers.