Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

It feels more like July 4th , though, with the temperature predicted to reach 92 F!  My husband and I finally got the vegetable garden planted yesterday.  We had so much rain, this is the first time the ground was dry enough to work.
Tomatoes, eggplants, red peppers, green beans.

 The mulch pile is definitely decreasing in size, thanks to my sons and husband.  I love my job as mulch dumping director.

Kousa dogwood is in bloom now.

 Seems I ended up with a red, white and pink theme this year for my planters.


  1. Very pretty flowers. You will have a beautiful yard and lots of yummy things to eat from your work!

  2. Nice! Tough decision, isn't it? ---- Gardening, or quilting? I love them both! ---"Love"

  3. Oh, what a pretty garden!


  4. I know we just planted our flowers this week,
    crazy it was just too wet!
    and today its toooo hot but I am not complaining just so happy to see the sun out!

  5. I have been putting off doing any planting because we haven't really had good weather here either. Either wet or cold or both.