Friday, February 4, 2011

What's up

Since the first of the year, life has been so busy I have had little time to blog.  Today however, my son spiked a 103.2 fever so I am home with him, waiting to the doctor's office to answer the phone.

I purchased some interesting reproduction Shaker hangers from Carole at  The hangers are copies of antique clothing hangers made by the Shakers.  I purchased them, not to hang clothing, but to hang little quilts. 

 I stuck a strip of velcro to the hanger.  You can hang on the wall as I did above, or from a peg rack.

 Then I stuck two velcro squares to a strip of muslin I sewed to the quilt.  I didn't want to have the adhesive stuck directly to the quilt.  Hard to see them here.
 Velcro squares before sticking to muslin.
 I have a craft show in late March.  One of my new items will be Easter basket ornaments made from vintage 1930s and 1940s fabrics.  They look cute tied to an Easter Basket or hung on a cupboard door knob.  I picked up this little tree from The Country House catalog to use as a display at my show.

At least I have a little spring inside the house.  Time to try the doc's office again...


  1. What neat ideas! I think we are all ready for a breath of spring! ---"Love"

  2. Those little baskets do look so springy and after all that snow, that's a good thing. I like your idea to hang small quilts with velcro, too. (Filing that in the vast recesses of my brain for later.) I hope your son is feeling better soon. 103.2 is a little scary.

  3. Those hangers are pretty cool gadgets for hanging up your quilts;) Nice find;) Easter and spring....I so need some color around here;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. Hope your son is feeling is such a worry when they spike a fever.

    The little baskets on the Easter branches are wonderful...promises of spring are welcome this year!

  5. Those hangers are such a great idea for hanging little quilts. Thanks for sharing how you use them. I love the baskets. I made some like that for Christmas ornaments. I just used red and green.

  6. I hope your son is feeling better soon. Kids with a fever are so worrysome and they feel awful. Your little spring baskets are so cute, love the cheery colors!

  7. Fevers are a little scary. I am sure your son will be fine. Love the little baskets!


  8. Hope your son is better really quick.

    Love your use of the repro hangers. The little quilts look so cute hung on them.
    Those basket ornaments done in 30's fabric really do look like a bit of spring. And who couldn't use that right about now.

  9. Very clever ideas. Hope your son is well soon.

  10. I hope your son is feeling better!! Great little hangers and I love the spring ornaments. Its so nice to have some happy colors inside with all the cold weather we've been having.

  11. Love all your ideas, especially the bright little baskets. I'm sure your son will be feeling better soon.