Saturday, November 13, 2010

Almost Done

I am finishing up a few items for my show next weekend.  The stack of finished ornaments is still smaller than the unfinished but with twenty more to go, I can finish them by the end of the weekend.

 I finished this quilt last night. 
 Since I work with antique fabrics I really haven't bought reproduction fabrics for several years.  However, I recently saw some on line that intrigued me because they are almost exact copies of some antique fabrics I have.  Check out the pink polka dot.  It is hard to see the details because the photo is  bit blurry, but boy it is so close, with the fine detail in the background.
 Here's another example.  Repro is on the right.  I wonder if the manufacturers of the repro fabric can claim copyrights to the design?


  1. Yeah! The end is in sight. The reproduction fabrics are amazingly close to the original, that's nice!

  2. I have wondered the same thing? When I was at the Packwood House museum and they had a quilt exhibit they included in that exhibit a display case that had the original and the reproduction fabrics side by side and they were exact copies. Color, print size etc. It was interesting to see them side by side.

  3. Your finish last night with this darling little quilt is wonderful--- love the colors.

    Best wishes for your show next weekend I bet you won't have a crumb left!


  4. Cute little quilt. You are making great progress inj the quilt lab. Good luck onthe next show.

  5. oh love your pile of wonderful it would be to have a tree full of them

  6. Your posts are always interesting;) The reproductions come close, but you can tell the difference;)
    Have fun with your show, and best of luck;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. I'm hoping I have as much good luck at my sister's estate sale next week-end as I'm expecting you to have with your show and sale! Those little things are so very cute! ---"Love"

  8. They are simply charming Ann! Most of the repro fabrics are copies from originals I thought. I'd be surprised if they were copyrighted as they are not *original* designs. Ann :-)

  9. your ornaments are sooo cute. They are lovely.
    Your little quilt is adorable too.
    I think most of the antique fabrics are in the public domain now, so they can be copied exactly. I know that some manufacturers just take digital photos of fabrics in antique quilts then produce fabric from it.

  10. The little ornaments are all so sweet, but I am especially fond of the quilt. Good luck with your upcoming show.