Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craft Show Pix

I had a nice time this weekend participating in the PA Guild of Craftsmen show.  It was quite windy which caused me problems with my display, because evern though I was in a big tent, the wind found my booth.  After a trip to Lowe's for 4 heavy paving stones and implementation of plan B set up, things went smoothly.

 My son (tall one)handing out programs in the morning.  It takes a lot of volunteers to make this show happen.
A nice setting
I was in the big tent; my back door
 My booth
 I love those vintage hangers.
 Pumpkins were popular.

I'm beat; it's time to watch the Phillies.  They lost last night, so here's looking forward to a better performance tonight.


  1. Glad you were able to solve the wind problems;) Those pumpkins look great...did you sell any?
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. What a neat display! Those hangers work perfectly, don't they? I love that 90-degree quilting (what is that really called?) on the brown courthouse steps quilt! I'm going to try that someday. All your little quilts are just fantastic! Are those pony-tail clips holding them to rods in that stand? I'm really impressed with your booth! ---"Love"

  3. so sorry I couldn't come down I tried!
    your booth looks great ah the little quilts are wonderful
    love that you used those hangers to hang them I would have wanted to buy the hanger with the quilt!

  4. Your booth looks fantastic, but the real questions is: How did you do? I hope well and I'm wondering about the pumpkins that were disappearing so fast before the show.

  5. What a beautiful setting for a show. I hope you did well. Your booth looks great! Clever ideas for hanging the little quilts.

  6. Your booth looks fantastic! Great quilts!♥

  7. Looks like a perfect day, minus the wind! Your booth looks wonderful, I love it. Glad you had a nice time and thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  8. Oh, your booth looks so inviting - I wish I could have seen those little quilts in person!

  9. Beautiful day. Your booth looks great. Hope you sold lots.

  10. Way to think on your feet and solve the wind problem. The booth looks great and so do your quilts.

  11. your booth looks great.
    i love the little PA 9-patch quilt! so cute!

  12. Your display of your little quilts look wonderful. I know you are having fun and I also know it is a lot of work setting up and taking down. I am sure you are doing well with your adorable quilts. So vintage!

    Hugs, Carolyn :)

    Rest up next week!!