Monday, September 27, 2010

Countdown to show...I need help!

How interested do you think 15 year old twin boys might be in handsewing binding on quilted ornaments?  Yeah, I thought so.  Here's what I have on my to-do list:
1.  finish binding on 4 ornaments which will complete museum ornament order (tonight)
2.  Prepare for October 16/17 show--finish quilting and binding as many quilts and ornaments as possible
4.  get booth display, tags, business cards, etc ready for show season
3.  Sew hanging sleeves on quilts and finish ornaments for Handmade Home by Oct 21
4.  Prepare for North Penn Show November 20 more quilting and binding
5.  Prepare for PA German folk art show at Mennonite Heritage Center item drop off Nov 24
6.  Design and make quilts for artisan shop on Carole's Country  Store website by Nov 1 I'll be doing more primitive designs just for her site
7.  Write instructions for a quilt to be sent to a magazine
8.  Work full time day job
9.  Watch the Phillies clinch the National League East tonight
So if you ever drop in, you'll know why my house is a mess.


  1. Sounds like your plate is very full! And bindings, not my favorite part of the process.
    Good luck.

  2. All that should make time fly!;) You'll do it, I know you can;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. If I was closer, I'd pitch in and help! Love number 9!! LOL

  4. oh wish I could drive over and help you!
    I am tired just thinking about this list

  5. I like binding...wish I were closer.

  6. ohh! I have to find where in PA that will be. I"ll be in Delaware that weekend! Maybe it is close?

  7. Oh my! Remember to sleep sometime in between all that :)

  8. I used to hate bindings, but now I like's an excuse for me to sit down and watch a chick flick or a Friends Marathon. "honey, I can't clean tonight, I have to finish the binding on this quilt for..." So send some my way, I'll glady help you! =)

  9. I like binding too, but I'm covered up with two more for someone else. But if I lived closer, I'd find a way to help. I have every confidence you will get it all done somehow. Then you can collapse for a few hours (or minutes?) before you start on another show. ---"Love"

  10. I'm exhausted just reading about it Ann. Your carft work is nearly a full time job in itself. The house can wait. Duty calls. I would love to visit the Fair. Ann :-)

  11. Never mind a full plate, it sounds like you have a platter full of work to do. At the same time, how wonderful for you to be so 'in demand'. I'm sure you will find a way to complete everything. Good luck.


  12. I don't envy you! That long "to do" list and a day job too? Oh my! Good luck and God bless.