Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing around with photos

Just trying to see how to add photos in this new blog...It's easy!
Here is an antique quilt called a Bowmansville Star. This style was made only in and around the town of Bowmansville in Lancaster county. These quilts are amazing to see in person, made completely of small squares, approx. 1.5 inches in this case. Even the white areas in the photo, are made up of individual squares. This one is mine, but if you look on ebay right now, there is an even more fabulous one for sale. Search "Pennsylvania quilts" and you will find the auction.


  1. Oh my goodness! What a special quilt that is! You always find the best ones!
    I've been trying to work my way to the photos too; just haven't made it yet. Glad to know it's easy! ---"Love"

  2. This must be even more amazing in person. Lucky you to have one all your own, and lucky us that you share your collection in pictures!

  3. What a quilt! I went and searched on Ebay and there are some awesome quilts. Great inspiration :) Christine

  4. Very pretty quilt, love the colors and the pieces are so small.


  5. Fantastic! Can you imagine sewing all those little squares. It must look stunning up close. Ann :-)

  6. This is a very nice quilt... and all those pieces!